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First let me say that I have had my share of struggles and failures. At one point I was broke, battling bills, bad credit, bankruptcy and bad business practices. But that changed when I changed and decided to do things God’s way.

Today I am an extrovert who lives like an introvert. I enjoy blogging, speaking to encourage,  personal development, mentoring young men and teaching christian principles to help others live abundantly.

I am married to a woman who for over twenty-two years has kept me sane. I have two beautiful daughters who are uniquely different but wonderfully the same in so many positive ways.

Most importantly, I am a man of God who makes his share of mistakes but graciously understands that every day is a gift to get better at this thing called life.

I am also an author.  Leaning on life’s experience I wrote my first book in 2004 titled Little Boy Lost that was geared towards the young adult audience with a message of courage, perseverance and forgiveness. Since, I have penned three additional books, The WealthShift The Consumption Trap, and The Money Monsters (due out in January 2018) in the areas of creating wealth, good stewardship pratices and eliminating wasteful spending.

I have spent over twenty three years working in the corporate environment and financial industry and I am an experienced conference speaker.

I am a certified career & business coach. I have a BA in Business Management, a MBA in Strategic Leadership & Finances and I’ve earned a number of financial certifications and licenses.  Simply stated – I am a servant.

Shawn Dorrough

Money Mentor 


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