Feeling Stuck? This Is How To Overcome It…

Feeling Stuck? This Is How To Overcome It…

I’ve heard it said that “getting started” can be the toughest part of the journey.

I respectively disagree.

Although getting started is tough for most people – and obviously if you don’t start you will never accomplish the task – I believe the hardest part of any journey is the “mundane middle,”  and this is where most people get stuck.

Let me explain.

Starting any endeavor typically comes with energy, enthusiasm and excitement. Regardless if it’s joining that weight loss program, writing that killer novel, marrying your soul mate or starting your business.

But ultimately something comes along called work and thus begins the sticky situations.

Now, I’m not suggesting that people are oblivious to the amount of work that’s involved with any of these task but I am saying once those “E’s” wear off and you’re left with nothing but the work…well, then it becomes more challenging. And honestly, it’s in the middle when people tend to get stuck and ultimately they will bail ship and begin looking for their next new exciting thing to begin (see how Paul handles it in Philippians 3:13).

That’s why in my WealthShift Mastery Program I put so much emphasis on this area because I believe it will determine if you are successful or not. So here are just a few strategies I use to help others remain steadfast when they are feeling the pressure of the mundane:

1. REFLECT ON YOUR ORIGINAL MISSION. You started this journey for a reason and the more you remind yourself of that reason(s) the more determined you are to stay on course. This is why it’s so important to have your goals and mission statement completed before the journey begins.

It also wouldn’t hurt to keep that list visible as much as possible. Why? Because you will inevitably run into challenges and missteps when building your business (or anything else) so make sure that your WHY clear, visible and most importantly, make sure it’s bigger than your WHAT.

2. STAY IN MOTION. Movement is the key to advancement and the more momentum you have working for you the more unlikely you will allow your train to come that excruciating halt! But to be clear, I’m not suggesting you never take a rest, regroup or review. No, I believe all of these are necessary towards building your business.

But rather than retreating into your personal cocoon when a situation becomes intimidating, address it immediately. The longer you allow a situation to sit without attention, the bigger it will become and before you realize it, you have lost your momentum to continue and sadly that’s when you’re as good as defeated.

3. HAVE A MASTERMIND MEETING. When you’re in the middle it’s vital to have your team in order. But I’m not referring to your team around you (although that’s important too), I’m referring to the committee inside of your head.  They are the voices that we all have fighting for our attention and it’s in the middle when one particular inside voice becomes the loudest.

The first voice is the Creator. It’s the team member that provided the original ideas and concepts to your business and arguably can be considered the most important piece to your team. But the Coach is just as important because this member provides the encouragement, support and confidence it takes to convince you that you have what it takes.

Then there’s the Champion who is ready to roll up it’s sleeves and get to work because this team member is only concerned about one thing…WINNING!  But the loudest voice that occupies our minds, especially when things get a little mundane is the Critic! This voice will try to convince you to quit, reconsider, bail, doubt, blame, etc…and if you allow it to scream, the louder it will get.  Your job is to sit your committee down, remind everyone of their roles and bring the first three up to the level of the last one.

Look, everyone will encounter hard times in their journey – it’s simply a part of the process. But I employ you not to get stuck in it. And how you address these hard times will depend on your success rate or ultimate failure.

Make your “Mundane Middle” nothing more than a small bump in the road and when you get past that tough patch you’ll look back and celebrate for not giving up on your dreams.


Shawn Dorrough – The Money Mentor 

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