These Investments Will Make Your Mother Proud

These Investments Will Make Your Mother Proud

Typically my blogs are about building your business, brand or bank account. Today I want to spend a few minutes discussing something more valuable – A mother’s love.

On this special weekend I pray that you are blessed to tell your mother how much you love her.  But I also understand if Mother’s Day is a painful day for you.

Perhaps your mother is no longer with us to hear your kind words. Or maybe you and your mother have a strained relationship and it’s not getting better.  Or maybe you’ve never known your biological mother. Although I wish the circumstances were different I would still encourage you to honor the woman who gave birth to you. 

Here are three ways to do just that and bring more abundance into your life and the world:

1. BE THANKFUL FOR EVERYTHING. One of my most vivid memories growing up was when I was five years old. I was up way past my bed time and heard my mother climbing up the stairs after a long night at the job. She was a single mother with three boys at the time and although my uncle helped out during the late shifts, mom was still juggling more plates than a woman should have to juggle.

As she came in the house and turned on the lights I just knew that I was in trouble but instead of reprimanding me my mother just asked in a kind voice why was I up late then she proceeded to put me to bed.  That memory may not sound like much but to me it was enlightening. I look back on how my mother was thankful for everything – even when the circumstances were not in her favor.

Ever notice how easy a mother melts in her emotions when she receives a picture of a stick figure that says, YoU aRe Da GraTEsT MotHuR In Da Wulrd! Or when her spouse or partner tells her how beautiful she looks. Why? Because moms know how to be thankful for the little things and so should we.

2. GIVE WITHOUT EXPECTATIONS. I grew up very territorial and quit frankly, very SELFISH! I remember plenty of times screaming at my siblings and friends that it was “my toys, my candy, my money and my way!” Before I was willing to give any of it up I expected something even greater in return.

I couldn’t articulate the term back then but now I realize I was practicing good ole capitalism at it’s finest. If we are honest, a lot of those sentiments still remain from our childhood. But if you ever want to feel really wealthy than the best thing we can do is model a mother and give without expecting anything in return.

I stand back in awe as I observe how my wife gives of herself, time, energy, love and wisdom to her daughters never expecting anything in return. When we are able to give without expectations we release the law of sowing and reaping in our lives.

3. PUSH YOURSELF TO BE YOUR BEST.  Go to any school play, sporting event, academic contest, or anything where there’s competition or performance and you’ll see a mother sitting on the edge of her seat experiencing every note, jumpshot or misspelled word with anxiety just like her child.

What you don’t see however is the numerous hours where mom was behind the scenes either working with their child or standing besides someone more qualified to bring out their best. Now that’s when a mom have expectations. She wants the best for her children because she knows if you give it your all you’ve won the game regardless of what the scoreboard says.

We have a responsibility to do the same with ourselves and our families. Just like mom wanted the best out of us it’s up to you and I to carry that tradition and pull the maximum out of ourselves or we’re destined to live an average and mediocre life.

Mom – she’s always been there in the good, bad and ugly times. She’s a cheerleader, corrector, confidant, counselor, coach, and consultant – but most importantly, she’s a caring mother.  There’s very few things that’s more powerful. This year as the world pauses to say THANK YOU make sure you do the same.


Shawn Dorrough – The WealthShift Strategist

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