Doing This Will Propel You Into Your Purpose

Doing This Will Propel You Into Your Purpose

It is said that failure offers the best feedback. Of course that’s much easier to see after an experience then when you’re in the middle of an epic fail. I remember the time I was failing.

I was failing at being a husband. I was failing at being a father. I was failing as a business professional and entrepreneur. I was failing at managing my spiritual life, time, health and money.

Thankfully things turned around when I took action and did just one thing – I decided! That’s it, I decided to change and I’m forever thankful because of it. It’s not that I completely eliminated failure but deciding to be intentional about succeeding made a huge difference. Here are six attributes that will surface when you DECIDE to make a change:

  1. DISCIPLINE – When you decide, your discipline to do what’s necessary will kick in. Discipline is putting in the work when it’s not convenient. It’s what separates a might from a must. It’s the engine that drives the car. Without it you will always take the path of least resistance. That’s just human nature.
  1. EDUCATION – Deciding to change requires that your actions must change. That means you’ll likely have to learn some new strategies to accomplish your desired outcome. We’re all familiar with the definition of insanity. Educating yourself on new ways can omit a lot of insane moments.
  1. COMMITMENT – Try not to confuse this attribute with discipline because they are different. Being committed to your dreams & goals means that you are all in no matter what. Or as my friend Delatorro McNeil put’s it you should, “Be like a stamp and stick to that one thing until it delivers!” If discipline is the engine to your car, than commitment is the gas!
  1. INSPIRATION – Once you put your stake in the ground to make the necessary changes, make no mistake about it, life will test you. Therefore your “why” must be able to hold up to the test. My family was the inspiration for me. Seeing your wife worry about food and rent is not a fun position to be in. I was very inspired to change that picture.
  1. DISCONNECTION – In order to take on the new you have to let some old things go. It may be habits, hobbies, hang-ups, homeboys/homegirls, or anything else that’s impeding your progress to move towards your desired goal. Clearing space for the new is vitally important and for some that’s very hard to do.
  1. ENERGETIC – With any new change comes challenges, barriers and oppositions. Face it; if things were easy, everyone would do it. But it’s not and you will need all of your mental, physical and spiritual energy to move beyond any perceived limitations.

You don’t need to fail to make a decision to live your life to the fullest. You just need to decide! Whatever it is, you can start on the road towards your desires if you just do that one simple thing. Make the wise choice today because there’s a better life waiting and I dare you to go after it.


Shawn Dorrough – The WealthShift Strategist


3 Responses to Doing This Will Propel You Into Your Purpose

  1. You are a God send. When I attended your classes in NC at the Black Family conference, I began to go back to what I believed I could do and had not done it. Back to my original self, a person of dreams and aspirations, but was constantly being verbally beat down because I wasn’t taking the path of success as others. When all the time God was preparing me for something bigger, and a differnt environment of people to work in. I just started reading another one of your books, The Consumption Trap. Already I’m ready to toss so much stuff that has consummed my life year after year. I’m ready for change. May God continue to Bless you and yours, and all the people you help to a better lives.

    • Deborah, thanks for the nice feedback and most importantly making a commitment to live life on your terms. I pray for your continued success and know that I am here with you along your journey!

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