Doing This Will Get You Closer To Your Dreams…

Doing This Will Get You Closer To Your Dreams…


The music was melodic and smooth, almost hypnotizing. Had I not been so heavy in my own reflections I would of bounced my head to it’s groove but I was in a trance, concentrating on my thoughts.

Just like that I could feel it deep inside. Coming out of my pours like sweat. Clarity was making its way into my world, ready for it’s grand entrance. Announcing that the time had arrived and I was ready.


pivotIt’s said that you remember those pivotal moments in life and this was one of them. Without a tragic event, unexpected surprise or the lost of a love one to frame this jolt of clarity it still felt like I’d just been hit by a eighteen-wheel truck – and it felt good.

But more on that in a minute because this blog is not about me – they never are – it’s about you, your dreams, your closer.



When was the last time you asked yourself some hard questions? No really, when’s the last time you confronted your story dealing with your personal, professional, spiritual, mental, physical or fiscal life? Maybe for you each category is nothing but butterflies and apple pies but I’m willing to bet that’s not the case.

So perhaps it’s time to ask some tough ones? You know, the questions that are like a mirror in your face that makes you cringe at what’s staring back.


  • What’s missing in your life?
  • What’s making you fearful but you’re calling it another name? 
  • Where’s your self-confidence right now and what got you there?
  • What do you believe you deserve in life? 
  • What level is your faith? 
  • Who are you still blaming?
  • Who do you need to surround yourself with right now?
  • Who do you need to let go of right now? 

If you answer these questions with honesty then I guarantee you that what surfaces is the very thing preventing you from moving closer to your dreams.


You see, as a certified financial coach/consultant I believe that I can help anyone create a wealthshift and build their financial fortress. But what makes it difficult is that most people don’t realize nor address the real issue(s) that’s stopping them. Because most of the times it has nothing to do with money but everything to do with the outer game of money (more on that in future blogs).

That’s what I realized sitting in the middle of the Full Throttle Experience Conference, hosted by Delatorro McNeil, my friend and speaking mentor. But that day, as the music danced around the room, as the thoughts danced around my head, I answered my own set of in-your-face-questions and made up my mind that it was indeed time to get closer to my dreams.

I dare you to play the video below as you ask yourself the questions above and don’t stop until your truth surfaces.  It’s time to get closer.


Shawn Dorrough

Certified Business Coach & Financial Consultant 

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