This Is The Most Important Thing You’ll Need In Your Fight For Success…

This Is The Most Important Thing You’ll Need In Your Fight For Success…

Most people know that in order to reach their goals they need a solid game plan.

I’m sure you’re no different. Matter of fact I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re in the middle of your plan right now as you move towards your ultimate goal.

Yes, planning is essential but Mike Tyson, the former heavy weight champion of the world once eloquently stated, “everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face!”

I happen to agree with Mike because while I believe planning is absolutely critical to success, if you don’t have the one important ingredient to accompany it then you’re toast.


Webster’s Dictionary defines it as: steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success.

Things will get difficult as you pursue your dreams, goals, desires and purpose but the more perseverance you possess, the greater chances you have to succeeding.

Personally I believe that obstacles are part of the test but if you are focused and committed you will come out on top – even if you’re not the most talented in your field (check out God’s take on this… Matthew 19:26).


I love the quote by Thomas Foxwell Buxton that states, “with ordinary talent and extraordinary perseverance all things are attainable.

I’ve been blessed to watch so many “average” people advance their careers, build their business and grow their finances just by knowing what they wanted and refusing to take no for an answer.

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Life will throw its share of punches and if your knees buckle with the first hit then likely you will not make it out of round one.  Faith is required, work is essential, partnerships makes life easier but when it’s all said and done you will still need the fortitude to hang in there when things get tough.

But hey, I have no doubt that I’m preaching to the choir and you know the importance of getting back up, even if life connects with a stunning right hook or uppercut every now and then.

But just in case you need a little motivation then I encourage you to check out this short inspirational video below on perserverance. After watching it I then invite you to share it with your circle and leave comments below on what you are determined to accomplished.

Because rest assure, your Mike Tyson is waiting!


Shawn Dorrough – The WealthShift Strategist 

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  1. Good blog Shawn. Just another reminder that play time is over and I am about to get not just my money together but every aspect of my life!

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