How Minding Your Business Can Create Your WealthShift

How Minding Your Business Can Create Your WealthShift

Mind your business.

Growing up my mother probably uttered those words at least a few hundreds times. If I had questions about money, church members, family problems, or the preacher who was suddenly replaced without notice, it was usually met with that phrase.

Little did I know that mom was propelling me towards the secret to riches. You see, to create wealth and abundance in your life it starts in the mind. So minding your business is essential to success and accomplishing it is not as difficult as some may think.


Your mind is similar to a tree. The conscious mind is like the part of that beautiful oak that you can see above the surface. But the bulk of the mind, where everything is rooted – the subconscious – is below the surface where you can’t see.

There are certain thoughts and processes that go on inside your mind that has been planted inside of you over the years and you may not be aware of them on a conscious level.

Your beliefs, instincts, and memories are just an example of how you may be “rooted” at the subconscious level. Everything you’ve ever seen or heard is sitting somewhere in your subconscious mind affecting your current thoughts, decisions, and actions.


Right now that may be the only question in your mind! Well, to answer it you must go back to minding your business. Your subconscious mind contains a vast amount of information and it’s much more than your conscious mind could ever handle.

Sometimes you might just have a “feeling” about something and then find out that the “feeling” was right on target. In many cases, it’s your subconscious mind sending you those signals.

Believing in the power of your subconscious is the foundation to creating the wealth you desire. When you do, you can begin implementing the practical steps to abundance. You can even use your subconscious mind to correct larger issues surrounding not just your financial goals but any other area in your life. When you get to the core of an issue in your subconscious, you can change it.


There are several techniques you can use to effectively leverage your subconscious mind in your favor. Millions of people have turned to hypnosis, counseling, meditation and prayer for effective results. All can be positive ways to align your “inner you” with the public you.

You can also communicate with the subconscious by consistently reading, listening to recordings of positive information and repeating affirmations. The key is to first prepare the soil of your subconscious and begin expecting nothing less than the wealth and abundance that you desire.

I get it, some of this may sound strange and too “new age” for you but believe me, if you’re not mentally ready to receive abundance than even if it comes your way, you will retract back to the level you’re accustom to on the subconscious level.

This is why it’s said that the first thing a person needs to do if they win the lottery is become a millionaire in their mind or they will lose that money as fast as they received it!

Just remain aware of your innermost thoughts and you’ll be better able to keep in touch with your subconscious. Always be truthful with yourself, follow your heart, have a firm belief in yourself and most important of all, mind your business!


Shawn Dorrough – The WealthShift Strategists

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