Do This Or Else You’re Toast!

Do This Or Else You’re Toast!


I was kicking and screaming like a new born baby. Resisting it. Mad at it. Trying to ignore it. But it was too loud, too distracting. I had to acknowledge it. Make it my friend instead of my enemy.

I had to look CHANGE in the eye and confront it like the bully it was. Let it know that it was becoming a four letter word spelled with five letters. No longer could I ignore the elephant in the room. It was time to face it like a man.


My grandmother use to say, “everything that’s living grows and everything that grows changes!” Are you in need for a change? A change in your relationships? A change in your career? A change in your spiritual life? A change in your physical life? A change in your fiscal life? A change in your life?



When it comes to change we have to ignore our instincts to resist it. Here’s the truth, our bodies and minds are always looking for stability and balance so it’s designed to keep us in our comfort zones.

And that’s the problem because this world is ever changing and if we don’t move with it we’ll get left behind. Our relationships, careers, health and spiritual lives will eventually become stale and unexciting.

Oh, and when you lose vigor in those areas then let me tell you, the last thing you feel is WEALTHY.


This doesn’t have to be a huge insurmountable task; you can work slowly and efficiently to gradually allow change into your life. But you must be real and transparent – first with yourself, then an accountability partner and/or coach. Identify where you’re “stuck” and address that thing head on.

For example, if you know you’re not growing in your career and have a burning desire to expand upward or in a completely different direction but the salary or your fears are keeping you tucked away in your comfort zone than it’s time to be transparent.


Working in the financial field over the last seventeen years has given me a lot of advantages with not only understanding human psychology but also the power of consistency. And one thing I can give testament to is that slow and steady typically beats a fast and sudden burst! Don’t get me wrong, I’ve definitley experienced exponentially quick results in my bank accounts over the years but typically that seems to be the exception and not the rule.

Therefore, making the effort to step out of your comfort zone a little each day is the key to seeing life from a different perspective. When you make small changes, you’ll actually evolve your daily routine. You’ll discover quicker and more efficient ways of doing things. You’ll experience results from your changes even before you fully see them!



If you want to change any area of your life start next month by making just one small adjustment – just one! That’s what I did, I made a change in my health. I decided to not just start eating healthier but also differently. So I studied up on Intermittent Fasting and implemented that change in my eating patterns and not only have I lost 13 pounds but I feel so much better because of it.

Now every month I add a new habit while maintaining my existing ones. One month I implemented waking up an hour earlier to read, study and pray. One month I implemented speaking at four new venues to work on my speaking craft, etc…all of these small changes have created some BIG results in my life.


Remember, you can’t change something you’re not willing to confront. So once you decide to change something make sure you are documenting your progress and discussing it with your accountability partners and/or coach because at the end of the day, change will only happen if you make it happen.

Make change a normal part of your life. You need to be willing to move yourself forward to reach your ultimate goals. You need to ignore the inner child crying to stay in your comfort zone. Because when you do, you’ll find that you’re happier and more fulfilled in life!

Shawn Dorrough

Certified Coach/Money Mentor 

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