It’s Time To Get Back To Those Childhood Dreams

It’s Time To Get Back To Those Childhood Dreams


What happened? What happened to those dreams that you had when you were a child?

You know the ones, in your mind there was no such thing as limitations – just BIG dreams confined inside a small adult. And you couldn’t wait to step into your independence so that you could finally arrive. But it’s 2017 and you’re here – you’ve arrived but unfortunately not all of your dreams made the trip.


Well, if your story is like mine – if it’s like most people’s story, it probably went something like this: you went to school, fell in love, fell out of love then right back in love again. You had children – one, maybe two, possibly three, got a job, quit that job and then got a better one.

Soon came a promotion and with the extra money you bought a house, then you sold that house and upgraded to one so big your parents could only dream of owning it in their prime. Sounds like a great life doesn’t it? Only one problem, you left your dreams back in your childhood.

Your dreams had more gusto, pizzaz, and excitement in them.  Don’t get me wrong, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the picture that was just painted, it actually sounds like a good life. But if it’s only a shell of what you dreamed of when you were a child (or young adult) than you and I both know the truth – something is missing.


Maybe this is not your story – if not then I salute you for being on track but if I’m even close to being in your neighborhood than I recommend that you get back in touch with the basics.  Get back to when you were a child and those big dreams got you excited and energized. Did you enjoy fixing things, breaking things, or making things?

Everything that was inside of you as a child is still there – including your life’s purpose. That thing you were born to accomplish, achieve and actualize during the course of your existence.  Some find that a difficult task to navigator so in order to have clarity around what you have to offer the world you first need to identify it.


At the beginning of each year I always try to start it off by finding the strength within to make changes. How, well I believe that it all starts with going to the higher power with the innocence of a child. Start the year off seeking His direction and wisdom and watch things begin to line up (Matthew 6:33).

In addition, once you begin spending your valuable time and energy with the intention of growing and evolving as a person you will get closer to your truth but the key is making a conscious choice.  One of my favorite quotes by Les Brown says it all: “Life is in a battle for territory, and the minute you stop fighting for what you want – what you don’t want will inevitably take over!”

Don’t continue allowing life to just take over, make up your mind that in 2016 this will be the year of new beginnings. The year you recapture those childhood dreams.

 Shawn Dorrough 




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