Success Is Really Not That Complicated…Unless You Make It That Way!

Success Is Really Not That Complicated…Unless You Make It That Way!

I have no doubt you’ve likely heard of the acronym K.I.S.S. right?

Have you ever found yourself over complicating the process, procedure, problem, or promise and someone in your circle was there reminding you to Keep It Simple Stupid (though I’m sure your friends or family wouldn’t be that harsh!).

Making things more difficult is so natural for most people because it comes so easy. That’s why I’m thankful for Jim Rohn, the late and great sage who spent years sharing his simple yet profound knowledge reminding people about the four step formula to help you tackle any goal.

I would encourage you to review this formula and incorporate it in your life, career and business.


It’s only one word but yet it speaks volumes. It’s a question of consideration. Whatever goal, plan, desire, or opportunity that’s in front of you if you start with this question it will help you develop your thesis on whether you should move forward.

Is what you’re considering necessary or even needed? Is there a viable market or good reason for doing it? A good strong WHY question is the start to setting the rest of your formula up for success.


This question of course takes the opposite view. Adding the NOT allows you to put your lawyer hat on and test your litigating skills. Looking at it from the other side helps you gain the momentum and confidence that may be lacking.

If you’re having doubt about the goal or task then throw a WHY NOT at the situation and see if it doesn’t put you in a position of power.  Want to build that business? Change your career path? Save ten thousand dollars by next year? Run that marathon? Then ask yourself WHY NOT do it and get ready for the fight.


Now it’s time for the battle.  This question will put you in the mindset of eliminating the personal doubts and limiting beliefs that will always come up.  So you’ve determined that there’s a need and the goal should be pursued, now you have to face monster staring at you in the mirror.

That monster that will convince you that you have no money, experience, knowledge, resources, connections, etc.. to go after the dream.  The monster that will do everything in it’s power to keep you tucked away in the land of Comfort Zone.  Adding the YOU is powerful if taken from a position of power.


Let’s face it, procrastination is a big part of failure. Having the goal, developing the talent, knowing the strategy and collaborating with the right people are all a necessary part of the plan but if you don’t start than it’s just a strategy. You must get started to achieve success.

I know, it sounds simple and obvious but I’m sure there is or was something that you’ve considered but it sat or is sitting dormant waiting for action to kick start it.  I believe that most people don’t start because they wait for PERFECTION.  Perfect timing, knowledge, people, finances, etc… but success requires taking imperfect action and taking it NOW.


I challenge you to apply this simple yet powerful formula to any business idea, career goal, or big dream you have and if you honestly pay attention to your feedback, your path will be ignited because  it doesn’t have to be complicated to be successful!


Shawn Dorrough – The WealthShift Strategist 


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