It’s Time To Stop Selling and Instead Start Sailing

It’s Time To Stop Selling and Instead Start Sailing

I use to cringe when I saw them approaching me with their manufactured smiles.

You know the person with that “can I talk to you about a business opportunity” look? No doubt you’ve seen them lurking around the corner waiting to pounce on you like prey.

They are the sales person, the multi level marketer, the business guru who has a deal too good for you to pass up, at least according to them. They are determined to convince you why their product/service is the magic elixir to all of your problems…in fifteen minutes or less.


They could have the best product/service in the world but the worst approach to convincing you of it. This type of sales model can sometimes drive people to try to cram products down a customer’s throat and anyone with a pulse knows that this approach produces very little fruit.

Yes, we’re all in some form of sales and the better we are the more effective we become – therefore I’d suggest that we stop selling and start sailing.  In other words, we should take the natural approach of flowing like a ship on smooth waters to sell ourselves, products, services or ideas (review Romans 12:6 to see what the bible says about being yourself).

Here are three strategies to consider:

1. MORE MARKETING – LESS PROSPECTING: What’s the difference? Well, when you prospect you are often shooting in the dark and likely it’s attracting those who have no real interest in what you’re providing. But when you market – if done correctly – you get qualified prospects coming into your funnel that are interested in how you can serve them.

The difference approach requires that you know who your customer is, what they want, and what their problems may be. To accomplish this means regularly spending some time thinking about new ways to reach the people that might already have an interest in buying your products or services. Your goal is to bring the right people into your net and to successfully accomplish that task you must be intentional about WHO’s your market.

2. BUILD YOUR LIST: We all know that no leads = no money. But how do you get leads or build your list? We just talked about the importance of having the right people on your radar and knowing your market. Now you need to expand the net and go after them by having an ever-growing list of qualified leads.  So if your core audience is the middle aged stay at home mom or the high income earning executive, you must build your list around that core.

Always realize that there are some in your market that are ready to buy what you have to offer right now. But for others it will take them getting to know, like and trust you. The only way is to build this type of rapport is to grow your list and that requires being where they are, reading what they read, doing what they do.  That may require that you go to the seminars, meetings, webinars, masterminds, etc.. where your core frequently visits.

3. UNDER PROMISE OVER DELIVER (UPOD):  Our repuatations and values can open (and close) more doors than any fancy marketing material or sales pitch could ever do. Therefore it’s critical to always focus on providing high value. Showing a potential customer HOW you can solve their problems upfront will help them gain trust in you and your services/products.

But that doesn’t mean that you give them a list of upfront promises that you can’t keep, that’s a recicipe for disaster.  If your customers aren’t happy, you’re as good as toast. Therefore you have to always remember to solve the problem they came to you for in the first place.  Just make sure that you UPOD and whatever you do, try to never over promise under deliver (OPUD)!


Whether you like wearing the statement or not, we all are walking around with ample opportunity to make our impressions on others. Some will want to know more about what you have to offer while others may have no interest or introduce you to others who you may have the answer to their problems.

Regardless, if we are not smooth sailing versus hardcore selling then we could be turning people away before they ever get to know how we can serve them and every time that happens, it’s like rolling down your car window and throwing money in the wind!

Shawn Dorrough – The WealthShift Strategist 

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