What Baking A Cake Taught Me About Building Wealth…

What Baking A Cake Taught Me About Building Wealth…

I enjoy cooking…but I hate baking.

Okay, maybe hate is too strong of a word but I really dislike anything that has the potential to embarrass me and baking is certainly one of them.  But I’m a sugar addict so when the opportunity presented itself to bake a cake with my daughter I couldn’t pass it up (I blame the Cooking Chanel for making everything look so easy!).

What I didn’t realize is that going through the process of learning how to bake a cake taught me the same principles that helped me create a Wealthshift in my life.


The very first thing Makayla and I had to do was get focused on our desired end. We had a picture of a delectable marble cake in front of us and we were clear on our vision.

That’s exactly what’s needed when it comes to creating wealth (or anything for that matter). I’ve helped numerous people over the years that just could not get a clear picture of their end goal and their journey was sabotaged before it even began.

Focus is the key driver and without it you are destined to lose the battle in the winds of life.


It’s one thing to see a vision but if you don’t believe you can accomplish it then you’ve run into a roadblock that’s hard to overcome.

When we begin preparing our cake we used the utensils and ingredients that were in front of us. Could we have benefitted from having a bigger measuring bowl, a wider cooking pan or a newer blender? Sure, but we decided to put our trust in what we had to work with.

Many people have goals and dreams but their self-doubt is preventing them from taking the next step. Don’t fall into this trap! Everything you need you already have  – now you just need to believe.


After laying out the ingredients and cooking utensils my daughter and I stood there surrounded by the unfinished product and looking at each other as if the cake was going to bake itself (wishful thinking).

Just like baking a cake, creating a Wealthshift requires work. You will have to review the recipe, mix the ingredients, turn on the oven, prepare the cooking pans and anything else to get the job done. Is it easy? No, but is it worth it, absolutely!

The key is to roll up your sleeves and do the work that will get you to the desired goal. And remember, there is always help so don’t hesitate to read that book, take that class, hire that coach or attend that seminar!


It is said that a good cook can look at a recipe, use it as a guide then make the right adjustments based on intuition and taste.

This is also the case when you are creating a Wealthshift. Few things rarely happen exactly as planned and those who are able to lean into life’s curbs the best without getting thrown completely off course will always come out on top.

Change can be painful but it’s also necessary and it’s a great measuring stick to take an assessment of what is and is not working. Your job is to expect adjustments so they will not have you starting all over from scratch.


Everything was complete. We survived the preparation process and now it was time to let the oven do the rest. Our job was done-finished-completed-accomplished-fulfilled. Or was it? Actually, we were just beginning.

Our masterpiece still had to stand up to the heat! There will always be heat to test your preparation, resiliency, determination and perseverance. Have you prepared your “cake” to withstand the heat or will it fall to its demise?

Remember, the heat is there to aide you. Anything that does not belong will burn off your final product and in the end you will be thankful for what didn’t make it along your journey.

So put your apron on and go out there and start making your cake and remember why you’re really doing it in the first place – because ultimately you want to use it to serve others!


Shawn Dorrough 

Certified Coach/Financial Consultant

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