If You Make This Bigger Than Your What Then Your What Will Grow Bigger

If You Make This Bigger Than Your What Then Your What Will Grow Bigger

Why do you want what you want? 

I know, I know.. it’s a big ugly abstract out in left field question but try to stay with me on this because I believe these words are too important to brush aside.

So, I’ll ask again, this time a little differently. What is your why? Why do you want wealth? Have you ever sat down and truly thought about this question or written it down to review with your family and close friends? Have you ever thought about why should you get out of debt, build that business, move into upper management or have a financial plan to achieve abundance?

Please understand the question I’m asking goes way beyond the basics of shelter, food, and health; of course you need money to serve these purposes in life but let’s go a little deeper.


Is it so that you will have more than enough to buy things that are important to you? Maybe you want to retire early or travel extensively in your golden years? How about leaving a nice inheritance for your children and grandchildren?

Let’s be real, when it comes to building your wealth inevitably the obstacles will show up because they always do and when things get tough your why better be worth it or giving up becomes a very easy cop out. I’ve heard it said this way:

“Those who get great results do so because they have a clearly defined purpose that’s worth going through any obstacle to succeed.”

This small but very important principle is a critical step in your wealth shift. When your why is stronger than your how then it’s inevitable that you will succeed. Anytime you begin to focus on things beyond your immediate and personal needs it forces you to expand and grow.

But for so many, the purpose of having money is to either maintain or to enhance our current lifestyle which if we would be honest, is not that hard to accomplish. But wealth is about creating abundance in your life, which is the opposite of lack, and the reality is that most of us live our lives somewhere in a place called enough.

It takes having a “more than the enough” mentality…

This place called enough that I’m referring to typically puts the focus on your immediate circle of family members and their needs.

Not that there is anything wrong with having your family as a priority but we tend to not go beyond. My goal is not to go on a tangent and start pontificating on all the big lofty purposes you should have surrounding wealth.

I don’t have the right to tell you what you should focus on but I will tell you that you need a big one. Why? Because the rat race is too easy to get caught up in and it will keep you in a limited thought process and if not careful.

I remember a gentlemen approached me after one of my seminars and complimented me on the information that I shared. He proceeded to tell me that as much as he would like to experience a serious wealth shift in his life the truth was he and his family was “okay” and didn’t need to do the things that I was suggesting. I sincerely thanked him for his compliments and startled him when I said that he was selfish!


I understood where he was coming from with being “okay” and I really meant no disrespect by my comment. But what I shared with this man was that if he truly wanted to experience a greater wealth shift in his life then he needed to look beyond his circle and get a bigger purpose.

Could there be a struggling charity or community service that he could support? Maybe his church needed new vans he could purchase? Perhaps a missionary couple could continue their work thanks to his generosity? Maybe he could have seeded someone else’s dream of starting a business?

The truth is he may have had enough for him and his family but maybe the key for him achieving more wealth was looking beyond himself. Once he did that, not only would his motivation to accomplish his wealth shift become stronger but the resources to accomplish it would have begun to materialize as well.

You see, one thing that I have learned over the years is if you expand your gratitude and generosity to help others, the wealth will come through several venues.  So focus on a big purpose that truly resonates with you and your family but ultimately goes way beyond.

Know your why and remember if you don’t know, go to Him because He does (Jeremiah 29:11)!

Shawn Dorrough


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