If You Want To Expedite Your Goals Then Master This Countdown…

If You Want To Expedite Your Goals Then Master This Countdown…


When I first heard him tell me the strategy to getting anything you want I have to admit, I was initially confused. Not because he wasn’t making himself clear but the contrary – he was making it sound too easy.

His advice…?

Learn the 3-2-1 strategy and watch your success come at an exponentially fast pace.  That was his council and I’ve never forgotten his words.


strategy-promoYou’re probably asking, “Okay Shawn, what’s the strategy?” Well, it’s as simple as this. In the area of life where you want success simply learn to leverage the 3 things so you can protect the 2 things that can help you achieve the 1 thing.

Let me explain.

Let’s say that you have a goal of building a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio over the next three years and you’re starting from scratch. Well, let’s use this countdown strategy to unpack and address each number separately.


With this part of the strategy you will need to focus on the three most important areas surrounding the goal. Now these three areas of focus will not be the same for everyone but for the sake of this blog lets use how you may need to leverage education/knowledge and attend real estate seminars, classes, webinars, etc.

what-is-leverage-ratio-in-forexYou may also need to leverage a mentor/coach to help you expedite the process. We all know aligning yourself with an expert who’s walked the path can help you avoid unnecessary pitfalls and speed up the process.

Finally, you may also want to consider leveraging your connections.  People often underestimate who they know and how much knowledge/wisdom is around them and ready to help. The key is learning the art of leveraging people without making them feel used.


The second part of the strategy is the same for everyone and it deals with protecting your time and money. Both are valuable commodities that are targeted everyday. Let’s face it, our time is the most precious thing we have and our money is not too far down on the list. So the better we learn to leverage our top three areas, the better we protect these two.


Finally, the last part of this strategy deals with the one desired goal you have – not goals! This is so important because the more you’re focused on the ONE thing the better you are at achieving it.  I mentioned building a million dollar real estate portfolio in my example but regardless of what it is, the key is seeing it through – even wfocus1hen things get tough and not getting sidetracked with “chasing other rabbits”.

So that’s it? That’s all to his formula?

Yep, I thought the same. As I said, it sounded so simple but in reality it’s not that easy.  You see, the truth is it all comes down to focus and discipline.  If you have those attributes aligned with this countdown strategy then there’s absolutely nothing you can’t achieve.

My friend who shared this with me recently earned his wings and will be greatly missed. He was a good man, a wise man, a smart man…and his simple countdown strategy has helped me and so many others reach new heights much faster.


Shawn Dorrough

Certified Coach/Financial Consultant

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