Everything Changed When I Deleted These Phrases…

Everything Changed When I Deleted These Phrases…

Happiness and success is a choice.

A choice that stems from the thoughts that we allow to dance around in our heads and the words we speak to ourselves. I equally believe that our failures are largely measured with the same ruler. Through our self-talk we can and will determine the outcome of any goal we set our sights on.


On surface the aforementioned formula just seems too common. What about education, timing, connections, talent, luck and the numerous other attributes needed to take your concept and turn it into a million dollar business? Make no mistake, there are many things needed to obtain success but if you are leaning on the wrong side of the mental ledger nothing else will matter.

Here are the three worst ways to form any sentence:

1. “I WILL DO IT ONCE I…” It’s a trap we’ve all been caught in once or twice. We believe that in order to be happy, successful or content first something needs to proceed us. Children graduating college, having a certain amount in our bank accounts or meeting our soul mates are just a few examples that come to mind.

staffpressure_2904389b-600x375But rest assure, as soon as the criterion is met, another one will simply take its place and all of a sudden success doesn’t feel so successful. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to have goals and strive for more, but to make your success or happiness dependent on achieving those things will only frustrate you or distract you from your destiny.

2. “I DON’T THINK I CAN DO IT…” This one is like dynamite waiting to explode in the hands of a willing participant. Let’s be honest, it’s difficult enough to do anything worth doing but if the belief is not there from the start you can just about forget it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard people tell me they can’t see themselves ever being debt free, working their dream job or owning a million dollar business…and sadly they NEVER will.

If the negative self talk of “I can’t do it,’” is just tweaked into “I may not know how to do it but I’ll find out,” then what tends to happen is like magic.  People, opportunities, resources and assignments starts to serendipitously show up ready to lead you down the path towards destiny’s door… but first you must believe!

3. “I’LL DO IT TOMORROW…(OR NEXT WEEK/MONTH/YEAR)…” On surface this doesn’t feel like negative self talk because there are times we do need to reschedule our agendas. Besides, at worst this is nothing more than a good case of procrastination right? Well, not really. Most of the times our deferment is really wrapped up in fear, doubts or you’re just an unwillingness to do the work.procrastination

We often let ourselves off the hook by just keep kicking the rock the the street until we are forced to pick it up. The doctor warns up to lose weight, our stress level is at it’s max from the demanding job, our relationships are holding on by a thread…all because we kept putting things off. Successful people are great at doing what needs to be done in the moment instead of putting them off on a tomorrow that’s not promised.

What you speak internally and externally makes a big difference in everything you do. These three common but deadly phrases should be omitted out of your vocabulary ASAP. That means you must monitor yourself continuously for negative thought patterns. When they occur, intentionally turn the thought around into something positive.

You have the power to transform your life but you need to nurture yourself with positive self-talk and enjoy the success you deserve!


Shawn Dorrough – The Money Mentor

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