First Make The Connection Then Watch The Magic Happen…

First Make The Connection Then Watch The Magic Happen…

“If you want it done right then you have to do it yourself!”

Those words nearly sent me to an early grave. I’m kind of a perfectionist, if my name is a part of something I expect quality and great service attached to it.  So…I always found myself trying to do everything and it almost cost me everything!

But thanks to a little common sense that all changed. Today I am all about leveraging partnerships so I can go much further, faster with the help of others then I could go by myself.

Yes, there are a lot of partnerships to consider and in Ecclesiastes, the bible tells us it’s always better not going at something along but to simplify the process I suggest you start with these three:

1. INFORMATION: One of the easiest places we can turn to create strong partnerships is information. We live in the information era, sit down for about an hour with your laptop and favorite beverage and you can literally learn how to do just about anything.

The internet has bought the classroom in the comforts of our homes and given us the ability to seek information on millions of topics.

Add YouTube, Vimeo and the other internet television channels and you can even enjoy visual tutorials if that’s more of your learning style. But let’s not limit our partnerships when it comes to information because the internet is only one source.

Books are another excellent way to hire some of the greatest minds in their field. Maybe you learn better through short articles and information so financial magazines, financial blogs, and post would fit your style better.

How about DVD’s, audiobooks, seminars, or ministry programs? I’ve benefited from all of them because they provided information needed to increase my knowledge.

Please do not underestimate your ability to access millions of learning opportunities right now in the form of information. It’s the easiest place to start.

2. INSTITUTIONS: Good information sets the foundation for other strong partnerships but institutions adds support. I believe to be really financially successful we must partner with banks, credit unions, investment firms, and corporations.

The majority of homeowners can attest to the benefit of having a bank, insurance and title company partner with them to create the opportunity to purchase a home without having to pay for it in cash.

Institutions are vital in creating leverage that can help us buy real estate, profitable business ventures, provide lines of credits for business inventory, assist with retirement goals and other great financial opportunities.

3. INDIVIDUALS:  We as individuals are made to partner with each other as we make our journey through life. I’ve had the benefit and blessings of having some great people in my life and they’ve helped me grow in all areas, finances included.

A partnership with a financial advisor, tax professional, insurance agent or just an accountability partner are all good options to have. Another good partnership to create would be to hire a financial coach. A coach is different than a financial advisor because as the names suggest, one advises and the other coaches.

Their job is to coach, motivate and encourage as you work towards your goals. A financial coach is typically less expensive to hire but could be just as valuable based on your needs.

Regardless of where you are in your wealth journey, a sound partnership is vitally important to help you reach your goals. They will save you time, money, mistakes and discouragement but you have to make the effort and develop the proper types of partnerships.

These small but important changes coupled with individuals really helped me move to the next level and I believe it can help you do the same. We are created to partner with each other so let’s start immediately.

Shawn Dorrough – The WealthShift Strategist 

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