The Five Key Ingredients For Savory Success

The Five Key Ingredients For Savory Success


At one point I was so consumed with it that I was willing to run through a brick wall to achieve it. But I’m no different than my neighbor, the mailman, your first cousin, that pessimistic employee at Chipotle who skimps on the chicken or even YOU!

But ponder this, what if you’re already achieving success but you don’t recognize it? Now, I don’t believe there’s a magic elixir to success but I do think if you take care of these five key factors, you are on the right track.

1. Health. To achieve your goals, dreams and aspirations your health must become a priority. There is no goal worth achieving if you are not healthy enough to enjoy it. So many people need to feel better before they healthare able to do better. Our health (and the health of your loved ones) is the most important part of success.

2. Healthy Relationships. Just as important to having a healthy body is having great relationships to help achieve your goals. This may be developing or strengthening your personal relationships, spiritual relationships and your business relationships. I believe that learning how to approach, attain, and maximize the different types of relationships in your life is the key to success.

carl-napkin-9-13-10-take2-blogspan3. Financial Acumen. Now before the anxiety kicks in let me say that I am not suggesting that you become a financial guru (although more knowledge in this area never hurt anyone). No, that’s not what I’m proposing, you don’t need to become a financial expert to achieve success. What you do need however is good judgment, proper planning and sound decision making. Having good financial acumen comes with self discipline and a determination to seek the right knowledge then put it to action.

4. Personal Development.  Always invest in you! Don’t wait on your boss, bad circumstances or life in general to force you into learning something new. Read books, listen to audio programs, watch educational programs, attend seminars, take a class, etc… it doesn’t matter the mode just make sure that you are learning! Nothing learned will ever be wasted so value every person, every lesson, and every bit of advice you experience.

5.Living in the Present. This may be the toughest one of all. We all have deadlines and to-do list that must be accomplished. While they may be important, there is no doubt one of the most necessapresentry aspects of success is being able to live in the present. We cannot be in constant pursuit of some “perfect” moment in the future when there is already so much perfection and beauty in our lives today. Slow down. Breathe. Live today and once you’ve prepared, allow tomorrow to take care of itself.


With so much noise in our everyday lives it’s easy to dismiss our current success because it doesn’t feel special. But I challenge you to examine where you are right at this moment and celebrate your accomplishments. You’re probably more successful than you think!


Shawn Dorrough

Certified Coach/Financial Consultant

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