The One Class I’m Most Thankful For Taking

The One Class I’m Most Thankful For Taking

It was one of the worst life classes I’d ever experienced…it was the day I walked into a place looking for a savior.

BUT WAIT, BEFORE… I go there let me express how thankful I am. Thankful for my life, family, friends, health and provision.  Yes, I know this is the season where it’s easy to get into in a state of gratitude.  After all, when you celebrate Veterans Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas over a month a half how can you not have a spirit of giving, love and thankfulness?

But if you’re like me, you really don’t need the holiday season to put you in this perpetual state of happiness, you only need to tap into your memory bank…when it felt like there wasn’t much to be thankful for.

AND THAT TAKES ME BACK….to the day I walked into the establishment looking for a savior. I was broke and needing fast money. One of my friends who typically found himself in the same financial crunch that I was in confidently advised me to give his recommendation a chance.

He assured me that this place would provide money at my request plus he made the process sound so easy that I was hooked. But that changed when I was met with an immediate chill as I entered the place. I looked around glaring at the line of lifeless people waiting to claim their prize and I knew right away this was not the most idea situation to be in.

NOT MY USUAL MODUS OPERANDI….to aide my personal bailouts, I felt out of place but since I’d exhausted every other resource I had and my wife and infant daughter was counting on me to return home with something that would cure their hunger pangs I had no other choice but to wait my turn and wish for the best.

Thirty long minutes of standing in line noticing the array of emotions on so many brown faces that looked like me, I quickly discovered that I was not alone in my desperation.  Sullen looks and lonely eyes spoke volumes in the midst of awkward silence.

THE STALE ODOR….in the room danced around my nostrils as I crept closer to the counter.  I saw a rough looking guy in the front barking orders to the lifeless hoard of people and I knew my time to be slaughtered was approaching. I was about to find out that the terms of this idea situation were not in my favor.

To get the money that I needed I had to sign over my upcoming paycheck (which wasn’t much) and in turn they would give me a cash advancement with a little caveat. It was my first experience of being robbed in broad daylight but I was the one putting the thief’s gun to my head.

I KNEW THERE….would be a service fee, I’d experience enough emergency bailouts to know that fast cash usually required a small premium but they were charging me an annual percentage rate of over four-hundred percent!  But I was up against a wall and although I couldn’t afford their terms, not when I was already drowning in debt and needing every penny to survive, I had no choice but smile and bear it.

At the time I could only process the facts; in broad daylight with people all around me, I was robbed. And looking back it was the best thing that could have ever happened to me. I finally admitted that it was time to make some serious changes in my life.

THAT WAS THE DAY….that changed everything for me. It was the day that made me step up to the plate and stop looking and leaning on excuses. It was the day I had to stop blaming others and instead take personal responsibility for my life, my health, my career, my family, my choices and my finances.

It was the day I saw my networth go from a negative five figures to over seven figures. It was the day I saw my job turn into a career which eventually turned into a vocation.  It was the day I took my education very seriously and obtained a MBA in finance and numerous other certifications.

IT WAS THE DAY….I realized that I was suppose to teach others how to avoid my mistakes. It was the day I was reminded that I was the support for my wife and the model for my daughters. It was the day I knew that God was shaking me out of my nightmare and challenging me to step up to the plate.

That life class changed my life…and for that I am very thankful for that day.


Shawn Dorrough – The WealthShift Strategist 

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