If You Want To Speed Up Your Success Then Do This!

If You Want To Speed Up Your Success Then Do This!

Weapons of mass DISTRACTION!

It’s the greatest rival to your success…and unless you’re a Buddhist monk who meditates in a Monastery twenty-four seven, you’ve likely encounter this enemy from time to time.

Regardless if it’s busy work, irritating people, to-do list or even our own self-sabotaging limiting beliefs, there is always something harmful trying to occupy our space and steal our valuable time (here’s how the Bible tells us to fix the problem…Psalm 11:15).

Here’s the good news…you can absolutely defeat the WOMD monster. How? Well…it requires that you act like a professional photographer and do everything in your power to get that perfect shot and the only way to do this is by having laser FOCUS! 

Incorporate these simple strategies into your daily habits and watch your business, career and wealth grow:

1. PLAY THE TIME GAME: Have you ever noticed that when you set a time limit for something usually you improve your ability to focus. I don’t care if it’s writing your business plan, analyzing those mundane sales reports or doing your taxes, if you get
intentional and make it a game of ‘beat the clock’ you will have more success. game

I know, this sounds simple but you would be surprised how incorporating a time limit forces you to do the most important parts of any work. How many times have you sat down to do something that should have taken you a short time but when it was complete half of your day went with it? That’s what distractions will do!

If you put yourself on the clock and let’s say that you only have an hour to get it done, then you have no choice but to decide what’s most important and what’s a waste of time. This is much better than deciding to simply work on something until it’s complete. Decide how long it should take and then set the timer.

bully2. TAME THE BULLY: As adults we have no problem standing strong and speaking up against bullying. We know the harm it causes adolescence and teenagers but then we settle into our world and we openly invite the bully to pick on us! Technology is that bully and doesn’t play fair. Your computer, phones, e-mails, text, etc… are all vying for your time and it doesn’t ask permission, it just gets in your face and demands attention!

But if you want to clearly focus on your success than you have to learn how to defeat the technology bully.  We’re addicts to this WOMD and it’s killing so much of our time and at some point we all need to just shut it all off. That means all of your email, notifications, games, text, social media and blogs need to go to sleep! Give yourself one or two hours per day to unplug and focus on what will get you closer to your goals. Trust me… the bully will be there waiting when you’re ready to reconnect.

3. REFLECT, REVEIW & RENEW: Everything in life needs to refresh itself at some point. Nature, animals, inventory and YOU! Therefore you must know when to insert a pause in your day to reflect.  One of my best productivity tools is not only unplugging from the technology noise but then reviewing any work I’m in the middle of completing or have just finished.

This reflection not only helps me look back on what I’ve done with an objective fresh look but it also gives me the enthusiasm and energy to renew wreflection_28hat I’m working on with more vigor and zeal.  Disconnecting is important but when you combine it with reflection you will be surprised at how the “inner you” will get more downloads towards your ultimate goals.


There are millions of WOMD out here lurking around trying to steal our dreams every waking hour and if we can be honest, the ability to focus has been largely lost for many of us. But remember, you have a goal to reach, a destiny to conquer, a business to build, a career to conquer, a wealth shift to master…and none of it will be done easily so it’s imperative that you give yourself every possible advantage.

So if you find yourself losing valuable time that you can never get back then it may be time for you to apply a little self management. Try these easy habits, which anyone can do, to start improving your focus and effectiveness.  You’ll be impressed by how much more you can get done!


Shawn Dorrough – The WealthShift Strategist 

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