Before You Add Another Item To Your Bucket List Consider This…

Before You Add Another Item To Your Bucket List Consider This…


They are essential to improving any area in your life – relationships, spiritual, health, career, business and your finances.

As children we learned everything through repetition and order. Whether it was remembering our ABC’s or reading a book rest assure our parents, grandparents, teachers, cartoons and songs all conveyed to us that the process was much easier with order.

For example, if little Johnny wanted to learn how to tie his shoes he was taught that:

  • Step 1: You cross the laces.
  • Step 2:  Put your thumb and first finger in front of the lace.
  • Step 3: Pull your fingers  so you feel tension and twist a little so that your fingers are facing each other.
  • Step 4: Pinch the laces in between the opposite fingers.
  • Step 5:  Pull it through!


In my book, The WealthShift – 9 How To Principles To Extraordinary Abundance, I talk about how lacking priorities in your life becomes a little chaotic, even for a six grader trying to tie their shoes.  Why expect any different when it comes to your life? As your focus becomes clearer you begin seeing the need to have the proper priorities in place.

So if you are currently off course or just looking for a foundation for your life, career, business and/or finances then pause everything right now, consult with God first (see Matthew 6:33) and then consider this.


That may sound a little too “new age” for you but I think it’s the key to getting on track.  So many people (myself included) have at one time either gotten caught up in or are in the middle of trying to be something or someone important.

Just look on social media today and you’ll see droves of people striving to be the next big thing (again, I am including myself because I was right there!). Time out with that madness, it’s time to get back to your child like innocence and just be the best version of yourself.


I’m not speaking against becoming everything God designed for you to be.  That’s your duty to step into your destiny but make sure it’s YOUR destiny and not what the crowd, your parents, friends, significant other or the latest trends are telling you to do.

Once you get serious about who you are and start being that person I guarantee you that your priorities will take over and things that aren’t meant to be in your life will be stripped away.

Becoming who you are forces you to put things in their proper order and then you’re able to make room for everything that’s suppose to be in your life. But it takes guts to have that self assessment.  So…do you have it?

Shawn Dorrough


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