Three Strategies To Help You Keep More $$$ In Your Pockets!

Three Strategies To Help You Keep More $$$ In Your Pockets!

It’s not how much you make…it’s how much you keep!

Ever heard that statement before? I’m sure I didn’t just drop some mind blowing knowledge on you but as common as this statement is I’m still shocked that MOST DON’T FOLLOW IT! 

Let’s face it, money can be a huge task to manage and we all get overwhelmed at times. However, without good management skills you might as well keep a garbage bag close at all times because my bet is that you are probably throwing away money!

If you want to start watching your money tree grow faster then consider implementing these simple but tried and true management tips if you’re not already.

IDENTIFY YOUR HABITS:  I have no doubt that you probably already track your spending to some degree, but if you really want to see your truth then I recommend that you track all of your spending – down to the dollar (okay, maybe not that tight but it wouldn’t hurt!).

I dare you to do this for a month or two and see what it reveals. Seeing all of your expenses written out and tracked will give you a glance at your priorities and will help you to clearly see what’s necessary and what’s not. After a couple of months X-Raying your spending if you are honest with yourself, you’ll know the fat that needs cutting.

ADJUST YOUR PRIORITIES:  If you take the first step serious than this next strategy will fall right in line. What comes first in your financial life will be revealed and if necessary, addressed. In other words, sometimes you just have to made the hard call and start omitting what’s not needed.

But I get it, only a baby with a soiled diaper enjoys change so I would recommend looking at your monthly expenses to determine in what order should something be cut out of your life – if only temporary. Make a two-column list and divide your expenses into needs and wants, then eliminate as many items from the “wants” category – likely you won’t even miss what’s been deleted.

SET YOUR COURSE: Okay, you’ve identified your spending habits which hopefully led to you cutting out some fat and unwarranted expenses (if not, then either you’re already doing a great job or you’re just stubborn and don’t want to make changes!!!) but now it’s time to set your goal(s). Good management involves having a blueprint to help you move in your desired direction.

Understand that this is much bigger than reducing your spending or living a life of deprivation (which I don’t suggest), what this is really about is having a clear focus on what you’re aiming towards. Now if you don’t have any financial goals than just drifting through life is okay but I don’t believe that is your goal. So if you haven’t yet, begin to set your course on your way to success.

Please know that anyone can shift their lifestyle without it being a burden. Just start slow and make small changes and allow yourself the time and opportunity to create positive new habits because when you keep your goals in mind, you maintain a drive that also enables you to enjoy the journey.

These strategies will help you bolster your money management skills so you can soon enjoy your life without the financial stress!


Shawn Dorrough

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