Today Be Thankful For….You Name It!

Today Be Thankful For….You Name It!


I’m willing to bet that Shirley Caesar, the legendary gospel singer, never thought that one of her biggest songs  would go viral as a Thanksgiving Meme.  But that’s exactly what happened this year and the millennials (and others) are going crazy with it (if you haven’t yet, see the video below for reference).

But if you were to strip away the hypnotic beat, funky bass line, hardcore rap ad-lib and the assorted dancing clips the message is very clear.  You and I have an array of reasons to be grateful or in her words…YOU NAME IT!


Growing up we all heard our parents tell us not to waste food because there were starving kids in the world. At the time we couldn’t connect the dots because all we saw was a pile of off colored brussel sprouold_wise_mants that didn’t look very appealing. But let’s be real, the only thing they were doing was teaching us the importance of being grateful.

But sometimes gratitude can be hard to display right?  When you don’t have your money lined up right. When your boo ain’t acting right. When your children are pushing your limits to the brink. When your job is about to make you lose your mind (up in here, up in here). When life is just not going as planned.


We’ve all been there, smiling to disguise the frown. Laughing when we wanted to cry. Acting calm when we felt like screaming. But we pushed through it because we had a choice – a choice to be grateful. So in this holiday season where we give thanks by carving turkeys, connecting with family and cheering on (or against) the Cowboys, we need to be reminded that our gratitude towards life is our wealth.


So today I double dog dare you to take fifteen minutes, put on some thinking music and just begin to make a list of things that you are grateful for this holiday season.  Not the stuff you wish you had. Not the things you’re upset about. Not the person or people you’re still mad at. Not the politicians that you don’t trust. Not the money you need. Not the job you’re dreaming about.


No, instead take a moment to think about all of the wealth that you are surrounded by. Wealth that comes in the forms of love, health, opportunity, knowledge, etc… and realize that those cold and disgusting looking brussel sprouts on your plate that are called LIFE is something that someone else in this world would love to have right about now.

So what do you have to be grateful for…?  YOU NAME IT!


Shawn Dorrough

Financial Coach/Consultant

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