This Four Letter Word Will Help You Avoid The Holiday Stress…

This Four Letter Word Will Help You Avoid The Holiday Stress…

There’s nothing better than the holiday season. A time where spirits are the highest and joy is overflowing to the max – well, at least most of the time. I’ll never forget that one-year when the holidays felt more like a burden than a blessing…

I was down in the dumps, frustrated with my relationship and ready to bail on a job I hated. Jolly wasn’t part of my circle so when I was challenged by a friend to get out of my feelings and start giving more of my LIFE it caught me off guard to say the least.maxresdefault


At the time I couldn’t see how giving away my time, encouragement or the little amount of money that I had was going to help me get out of my funk or increase my joy but that’s exactly what it did – all because I decided to give my LIFE to others.

Here are the four areas in our L.I.F.E. we should consider giving:

LABOR:  Sometimes the best way to give is to get off your derriere and offer your time, energy and efforts. In other words, you should be willing to put in some work to benefit others. Whether that’s cutting the yard of an elderly woman or delivering food and/or resources to the less fortunate, the key is recognizing the real joy is in the effort of putting in the work and expecting nothing in return.

INFLUENCE: Someone somewhere needs your influence. That’s true regardless if you believe it or not. It can be through your recommendation, your leverage or just speaking up for a friend in the time of need. The influence that you possess has the power of effecting thousands of people to move or one person who can move thousands. education-options-influence

FINANCES: I don’t think there’s much reason to go deep on this one but please understand that nothing, absolutely nothing get’s done without money. Yes, passion, love, conviction, organization, etc.… can start small projects that have the ability to turn into a mega movement (plenty of examples out here to reference) but eventually finances will be needed to push it along towards major significance.

EXPERTISE: Admit it, you are an expert at something. Someone needs what you have and wish they could do what you do as easily and effective as you do it. Now I’m not suggesting that you give the farm away with this one because your expertise may be how you make your living but I believe if you structure a portion of your expertise as a gift, then your gift will pay huge dividends for you in the long run.displaying-expertise-through-blogging-600x342

The holidays are upon us and I have no doubt that you are already giving in so many areas in your life already. Maybe it’s tithing or giving to a charity, funding your nieces school trip, helping a relative out of a financial bind or volunteering your time every month at the Golden Years Senior’s Home care.

If so, then I tip my hat to you but if you’re not a giver or you know that you can do even more than I challenge you right now to make a commitment and watch your holiday season blossom.

Because if you give your L.I.F.E. away I guarantee your cup will overflow.


Shawn Dorrough

Financial Coach/Consultant 

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  1. LOVE it! Thank you for sharing Shawn, simple, straight to the point, but yet a powerful reminder of what L.I.F.E. is all about! I remember when I was at a low point in my life, just quit a job, didn’t know what to do next, I needed a break. I was recruited at my church to help with the Childrens Ministry and my heart was soon overjoyed!!! I felt like I had a purpose… and could share my expertise, influence, and labor as I prepared/taught lessons. (and tithed as well) This blog is spot on!!! Merry Christmas Shawn!!!

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