Want Abundance? Just Answer These Questions.

Want Abundance? Just Answer These Questions.

I’m about to ask a crazy question.

One that will make you think that I must be bored and have nothing else better to do but please be patience with me because I have my reasons for asking. So here it goes… do you really want to live an abundance life? A life filled with physical, emotional, spiritual, and financial abundance?

Yeah, I told you it was an obvious question because who wouldn’t want those things. We would stand in long lines if required expecting our fair share of the good life.


I have met very few people who didn’t want to achieve some level of wealth but not everyone wants to take the time to build it. But let me back up because before we can build wealth, we have to understand that everyone’s definition of wealth is different. It doesn’t always mean making millions of dollars, living in mansions or flying in private jets all over the world (although that sounds nice).

Wealth can simply mean having a full-time job that’s both fulfilling and earning enough money to support your family, church and favorite charities. But it can also mean having enough money to not only do those things mentioned but also much more.

Too many people try to fool themselves by saying that they don’t care about material things and therefore, they don’t need to build wealth.


So what will it take for you to get there? First let me say that I believe that a positive mindset in life is the number one step to building the wealth you want and deserve. You must believe that what you want can be attained, that you have the power to attain it, and it will be delivered to you in your lifetime.

Without this mindset, creating abundance will be an uphill climb. But I also believe in the eight question test. If you ask these questions and then really mediate on the answers that resonate in your spirit, then you will know your definition of abundance.

1. Who are you (what’s your talents, passions, gifts, desires, skills)?

2. Who do you need to become?

3. Where are you (what’s your current position)

4. What goals do you want to achieve?

5. Why do you want to achieve them?

6. When do you want to achieve them?

7.Who will be with you on the journey? 

These seven questions helped me create a wealthshift in my life as I started asking them when I was right in the middle of struggling with bad credit, bills, borderline bankruptcy and being flat broke! Want to know how?

I’ll address that in another post but for now, just know that if you want abundance and wealth you must begin aligning everything in your life up and get ready to witness the shift!


Shawn Dorrough 

Certified Coach/Financial Consultant

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