Why It’s Time For You To Grab The Mic!

Why It’s Time For You To Grab The Mic!


There’s so much of it going on all around you. Even now, you may be reading this blog while checking your text messages, watching streaming videos, talking to someone, thinking about what to cook for dinner, listening to background music, etc…

It’s the noise that we’ve all come to know as life. Something is always fighting for our attention and time.  In a recent blog I wrote about the Weapons of Mass Distraction and how to overcome them to have laser focus. Well, this blog is about how to get others to also focus on you.


Before I go further let me make myself clear, by no means am I suggesting that you become a bodacious boastful braggart (the bible even talks against that in Proverbs 12:6).  No, what I am referring to is speaking up for yourself because make no mistake about it, if you want to grow and put yourself in front of the right customer then you need a little spotlight on you!

Consider these two strategies towards building a bigger presence to get your voice heard loud and clear:


I’m surprised at how many people who would like to build their business or their career but are unwilling to speak publicly. Look, I realize not everyone’s comfortable speaking from a stage or in a board meeting but if you expect to get notice than this is the quickest way.

When you speak publicly you establish yourself as an expert in your circle. It doesn’t matter if your business is in dog grooming or wrapping presents, if you speak from a stage you immediately have the position of authority and your credibility increases. Of course, this is predicated on you knowing your subject and having some sense of personality (sounding like a robot will hurt your credibility!).

So get out here and start speaking – immediately.  Find organizations and professional training outlets like Toastmasters, National Speakers Association, CrushTheStageLive (taught by my speaking mentor Delatorro McNeal), Rotary Clubs, Optimism Clubs or church groups to hone your speaking skills, than start letting people see your expertise flow through your words.

Recently I was fortunate enough to be a part of a reality tv show with eight other cast members that focused on public speaking.  The premise of the project was to show the audience that everyone has what it takes to get what’s on the inside of you out in a public speaking forum to help others. If you want to watch the episodes go to TheKeyNoteTV and prepared to be informed, inspired and instructed!


This venue is perhaps the fastest growing way thought leaders and business professionals are extending their reach and influence. Everyone from Fortune 500 companies to startups are finding value in this venue because it offers your expertise to your customers on their time.

In this on demand era busy people are no longer settling for radio or television dictating their schedules. Gone are the days when people will wait with baited breath for their favorite shows.  Today people want access on their terms and Podcast radio provides just that.

Millions are turning off the radio and instead streaming their favorite podcast on their morning commute. If you are in business and need to extend your reach and build your base, this is certainly a good option. It’s just like public speaking but a podcast gives you the opportunity to speak about your expertise in the privacy of your home or office!

There are many others I could mention and suggest but it doesn’t take mastering many of these, matter of fact you could really just focus on one of these and build your influence in a short time. The key though is speaking up to get notice.

Sure, not everyone will like what you have to say but don’t be concerned with people pleasing, be concerned with speaking up for yourself.  Now go get noticed!

Shawn Dorrough – The WealthShift Strategist 

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