Three Things You’ve Probably Never Looked At As Your Competition

Three Things You’ve Probably Never Looked At As Your Competition

Most of us grew up playing games.

They were an integral part of entering into adulthood. But regardless of how much we loved playing them anyone in their right minds know that if you wanted to win, you had to know the rules!

The same applies when it comes to our wealthshift. If we are ever going to shift our lives, careers, business and finances then we must learn the rules first than master the game.

But here’s a fact, there is stiff competition out here called CONSUMPTION that is trying to steal our focus, faith and finances and we have a big red target on our backs (don’t believe me, read Luke 12:15).

If the game wasn’t difficult enough just hang around long enough and you will begin realizing that the entities who are doing the targeting are combining their forces to stack the odds against us.

Consider these three forces that are working overtime to keep you in the consumption trap:

1. CORPORATIONS: They never sleep; they exist to make our lives more convenient, more effective, more productive, more enjoyable, more efficient and unfortunately more broke! Money makes the world go around and corporations are working hard every day to produce as much as they possibly can.

Thanks to the likes of Apple Computer, McDonalds, Amazon, Exxon, Nike, Netflix, Prada, Whole Foods, Mercedes Benz, FedEx, Sprint, Costco, Starbucks, Seven-Eleven and thousands of other good companies there are very few, if any needs that are not adequately being filled.

But rest assure, there are people right now working on the next big idea, product or service that we don’t even realize we need yet and when they do, we will be there waiting to happily play the consumer role.

2. MEDIA & ADVERTISERS:  The ingenuity, creativity and efficiencies behind corporations’ products and services are useless if they have no way of sharing them with the public. This is where the marketing geniuses come into the picture.

They spend every waking hour working around the clock studying our buying habits to tailor their clever strategies to our patterns. These advertising agencies primary responsibilities  are to provide information to the consumer about the company’s products and services and to get you and I to consistently purchase the goods and all stops are pulled to accomplish the goal.

Even Black Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year, is no longer good enough, now they have convinced consumers that they need not wait until Friday but rush over and spend money before the turkey has had the time to digest because stores are now opening on Thanksgiving night!

3. BIG BANKS:  They provide the billions of dollars backing to this three headed monster. When the 2007 financial meltdown took place banks were losing cash, customers and credibility by the second. People were rushing to make withdrawals out of their banks because of the fear that doors were going to close and for some they did.

Thanks to the likes of Lehman Brothers and Bear Sterns disappearing acts on Wall Street it convinced the government to step in before the damage and panic was irreversible and everyone got a firsthand look at how important the financial institutions are to our economy.

Without these institutions to loan money to the corporations to build their companies, produce their products and services then promote these products and services, there would be no need for the media and advertisers to even exist.


First, let me be very clear, I am not calling these entities bad, evil or immoral. Honestly they all provide valuable products and services that keep us informed, comfortable, and safe. They provide incredible employment opportunities and allow for millions of people to live productive lives.

However, let’s be real, they are not looking out for you and I.  These three forces have learned to work together to systematically cipher away your hard earned money and your opportunity for real wealth on a consistent basis.

The good news is that your financial journey is totally up to you and it’s in your control but to win you must do just that, control the outcome of your personal journey.  The time has come to make a change and to do it we must watch the all too common traps that are being set for us.


Shawn Dorrough – The WealthShift Strategist 


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