When You Hit That Wall (And You Will Hit It) Stand On This To Get To The Other Side

When You Hit That Wall (And You Will Hit It) Stand On This To Get To The Other Side


Rick Warren, author of The Purpose Driven Life captivated the nation with his bestselling book by asking one simple profound  question. A question that we all have looked in the mirror and asked ourselves at least once in our life.


This question causes us to really search within and go deeper than just thinking about working a job, doing our daily responsibilities, or even accomplishing our long-term goals. This question deals with the real reason why you are here – the reason that will give you the strength to overcome those barriers.

At some point in our lives we all hit the wall called life.  We are no longer satisfied with just living or having, working or obtaining. No longer thrilled with climbing the corporate ladder or having the fancy titles.  We long for more meaning and the only way to accomplish it is through our soul’s purpose!


Well first, if you have doubts about your calling, trust that you have been given a purpose in life. Your job is to now discover it by evaluating your talents, abilities, gifts and skills (TAGS) and knowing how to apply them to your life’s assignment.

All of us come equipped and fully wired to do the mission we were sent here to accomplish. Our jobs are to discover, nourish, and develop the purpose placed in us so it can flourish.

Simply put, you must understand why you are here.

Find out what comes natural to you or what pulls you in its direction. What’s easy for you but tougher for others? What makes you upset and frustrated? What can you do that seems to make the time fly by without you even noticing? All of these are clues into what you are meant to do with your life.


When I was struggling with trying to understand what life was all about I found myself becoming more and more frustrated because I was constantly coming up with empty answers in my search. I tried a little bit of everything:

  • I played in a band
  • I started an online E-Zine
  • I had a vending machine business
  • I started a men’s investment group
  • I wrote a fiction novel
  • I did about a dozen other things that I thought were my calling

The truth about it all was the harder I searched for my niche the further it felt I was getting away from my truth. It wasn’t until I decided to go the Manufacture responsible for making me did I get on the right track.

Little did I know at the time that the He was working all things together for my purpose (see Romans 8:28). He was using my family, friends, books, school, jobs, business ventures, hobbies and life experiences as clues. But it wasn’t until I intentionally turned to Him did I find my path and that’s when I was able to climb the wall of resistance.

Understand that you will run into some challenges disguised as your test and without a purpose bigger than yourself it becomes an almost impossible hurdle to jump.  But you were design for this so whatever you do…stand on your purpose and keep climbing!

Shawn Dorrough – The WealthShift Strategist

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